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Name: Hero
Price: 180.00 63.00 USD

If you purchase this package, you'll be granted with the Hero rank on the server. This rank contains exclusive access to commands and perks.
There is a list below with some of the exclusive perks you unlock with the Hero rank.

  • Hero prefix displayed in chat and on our Discord server.
    Type /discord link on the server to update your Discord rank
  • Large bedrock base
  • 27 /sethomes
  • 80% EXP Levels kept on death
  • Can use /spawner to change spawners
  • Can use /name to name your items
  • Ability to silktouch spawners
  • /chest allows you to access your enderchest anywhere
  • Kit(s) - Creeper, Blaze, Ghast, Ender, Hero, SmallPotion, MedPotion, LargePotion

This rank is permanent and will never expire.


/kit Hero (5 Day Cooldown)

  • 1x Protection 4 Fireprotection 1 Unbreaking 1 Diamond Helmet
  • 1x Protection 4 Fireprotection 1 Unbreaking 1 Diamond Chestplate
  • 1x Protection 4 Fireprotection 1 Unbreaking 1 Diamond Leggings
  • 1x Protection 4 Fireprotection 1 Unbreaking 1 Diamond Boots
  • 1x Sharpness 4 Diamond Sword
  • 1x Power 3 Punch 2 Infinite 1 Bow
  • 2x Speed Potions
  • 1x Regeneration Potion
  • 1x Arrow
  • 5x God Apples
  • 30 Golden Apples